Commercial Contractors Insurance

While it is impossible to keep a watchful eye at all times and ensure contracting employees are safe against risk, Contractor's Insurance is a practical measure to protect contractors against injury, loss or claims made against the quality of work carried out.

Whether you are a self-employed contractor or employ a team of contractors, in any industry it is important to ensure that you have the cover necessary to respond to any associated risks and hazards. These might include:

  • Injury caused by staff, other contractors or onsite hazards
  • Damage caused to property or equipment
  • Theft of tools
  • Data loss or corruption
  • Claims resulting from dissatisfaction

MANNINGUK offers well-built policies comprising the various types of cover required to meet exact needs:

Employer's Liability

The employer is legally obliged to ensure sufficient health and safety at their premises. In the event a contactor makes a claim as a result of loss or injury, no matter whether a current contractor or a past contractor claiming as a result of issues effected while working for the employer, the employer must compensate or respond to any claims.

Public Liability

The Contractor is responsible for safety of the public in and around the place of work. Injury, loss of life or damage to public property as a result of the contractor's presence all constitute a valid claim.

Stock and Equipment Cover

Stock cover allows contractors to claim for theft of any materials that could easily be removed from a work site, while equipment cover assist in claims related to damage or theft of work resources such as phones, laptops, and other mobile devices - both onsite and offsite.

Building Cover

Building cover protects against any damage to the physical structure of the building.

Tools Cover

With Theft Cover, mains and/or battery powered tools can be insured against theft, accidental loss or damage and replaced quickly to minimise loss of time and missed deadlines.

Like many Contractor assignments, a review of specific needs can help establish and deliver the most effective solution. MANNINGUK provides Contractor's Insurance for a new business, and offers a complimentary review of existing policies for businesses looking to renew.

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