Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance offers comprehensive protection for two or more vehicles used in a business.

Executive company cars, trucks, vans or lorries. No matter what kind and variety of vehicles are used by your business, Motor Fleet Insurance offers an effective way to ensure they are all covered by one policy to meet legislative requirements and protect you in the event that cover is required. It is quite common for one Motor Fleet Insurance scheme to cover a broad range of vehicle types.

Motor Fleet Insurance protects against any issues that may arise from road use or vehicles parked in a public area. Breakdown, accidents, vandalism or theft can cause operational delays. To ensure business continuity, Motor Fleet Insurance provides the support necessary to avoid delay with immediate assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Motor Fleet Insurance is a flexible policy that can be tailored specifically to meet the size and needs of your business. Factors that will assist MANNINGUK in implementing the right scheme for you include:

  • How many vehicles operate in your business?
  • What kind of vehicles are used?
  • What is the age and condition of each vehicle?
  • What is the purpose of each vehicle?
  • What type and quantity of goods are transported in the vehicles?
  • How far across the country or continent do your drivers operate?
  • How old are your drivers?
  • How experienced are your drivers?

Motor Fleet Insurance Personally Delivered

Motor Fleet insurance offers various levels of coverage in the same way a personal policy does, such as third party fire and theft or comprehensive protection to cover any risk. Whichever suits your needs and budget, all policies include immediate assistance in the event that action is required.

If your drivers are at greater risk for any reason (specific routes or types of goods in transit), this can also be factored in to ensure the policy in place works for you when it needs to.

Talk to us about the specific nature of your business, and we will explore the options available in order to prepare a policy specifically suited to your needs.

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