Commercial Insurance

Setting up and running a business is an extremely rewarding experience. A level of risk, however, is unavoidable and should not be ignored.

Commercial Insurance is the key to tackling any risk your business may be exposed to.

As a business owner you are responsible for the protection of your staff whether they are on the payroll, contracting or volunteering. It is a legal requirement to have Employers' Liability Insurance. Establishing an effective policy could be the difference between your business' continued success, or its failure through disruption or down-time.

A business itself is generally more active than a single individual. Similarly, Commercial Insurance covers more than a traditional personal policy, catering for a wide range of risks a business might be exposed to. The risks your business could be exposed to depend on industry, processes, scope of activity and areas of operation.

Commercial Insurance covered (from A-Z) by MANNINGUK:

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