24th October 2022
3 Reasons Why Track Day Insurance Is Essential

3 Reasons Why Track Day Insurance Is Essential

The UK is home to some of the best and most iconic racing circuits in the world, and many allow you to put your own sports car through its paces on dedicated track days. But before you head off to Silverstone, Brands Hatch, or Oulton Park and enjoy driving your vehicle as it was designed to be driven, we strongly recommend taking out track day insurance.

What Is Track Day Insurance?

Track day insurance is a stand-alone insurance policy that covers the cost of accidental damage to your vehicle in the event of it being damaged on a circuit by you or another driver.

The policy is separate from your usual car insurance, so a claim for damage on the track won't affect your no claims bonus or premiums. Track day packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements - and are available for both single and multi-day events, as well as 'unlimited use' policies for regular circuit-users.

An important exclusion to be aware of is that track day insurance does not cover competitive driving, time trials, rallies, or races - you'll need a specific competition or race insurance policy if you wish to take part in this type of event.

Do I Need Track Day Insurance?

As privately owned land, race circuits aren't covered by the statutory insurance requirements that apply to public roads. So, while it isn't a legal necessity for driving on a race circuit, we consider track day insurance to be essential for these reasons:

1) Covers Repairs To Your Car That Aren't Covered By Your Usual Insurance Policy

Your regular car insurance policy won't cover the cost of damage on the track, so if you have a collision or breakdown - or if your car gets written off - on a race circuit, you could face a bill that runs into thousands of pounds with no insurance cover. Track day insurance allows you to race with peace of mind. Modifications and aftermarket parts are normally included in the policy, often at no additional cost, which is rarely the case with standard car insurance.

2) Protect Your Car Against Careless Driving Or Accidental Damage By Other Drivers

On a race circuit, even the most careful and experienced drivers are prone to dints and accidents, and no matter how careful you are, you can't control the behaviour of other drivers on the circuit. During track days, each individual car owner is expected to take responsibility for damage to his or her vehicle, which means that if someone damages your car, you are liable for the repair bill even if it is the other party's fault. Track day insurance ensures you are not left out of pocket due to someone else's mistake.

3) Participate In The Widest Variety Of Track Day Events At Historic Circuits

Track day insurance is an entrance requirement for many track day organisers at historic circuits and leading rallies/car events. Having a policy in place means you won't miss out on the event you want to attend. If you want to take your sports car to a European racetrack, you may need a specific policy that covers certain circuits, such as Spa Francorchamps or the mighty Nürburgring, so check with your insurance provider before taking out a policy for non-UK track days.

Many policies include a recovery service in your cover from circuits around the UK, in case accidental damage leaves your car unable to be driven to a garage (retrieval costs can be very expensive if you don't have track day cover). Be sure to verify which circuits are covered and if the coverage area extends to tracks in the EU (if required).

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ManningUK can get you set up with the right track day car insurance so you can enjoy your time on the track without worrying about damage to your vehicle. For all other questions or to request a quote, please call one of our experienced insurance brokers on 01491 578 759

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